Are We The Right Fit?

Are you feeling a little stressed out because you know you need marketing but - not sure where to start?
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Why Choose Us?

We develop marketing programs that help shape the perceptions and purchasing decisions of your target audience.
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What's Your Challenge?

We dig deep. We work hard for you, develop strategies, provide answers and solutions to your marketing challenges.
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About Us - Or is it?

We're not here to tell you how great we are. Marketing is all about you, your brand, product or service and company.
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We start by asking some simple but critical questions:

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Does your target market know you, your brand and are they willing to do business with you?
What's your company's reputation and what do target audiences think of you?

Marketing your business is like caring for a newborn.

Both require ongoing attention and a commitment to help them grow. With careful thought, a clear consistent plan and a concerted effort, you’ll be rewarded.

Our success is based on solid research. We:

  • Develop cost-effective marketing communications programs.
  • Help you communicate with target audiences and stakeholders.
  • Help your business grow by influencing purchasing decisions.


  • Marketing is not sales – it “opens the door” for sales.
  • View marketing as an investment in your business.
  • Your marketing investment pays dividends for the long term.

 The Alexis Group Consultants is a full-service, integrated marketing communications company.